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As a leader in the health market, we are widely recognized for our high quality Canadian ginseng products:

-      Dried Ontario Ginseng Roots

-      Powder

-      Slices

*Please inquire if the desired product is not listed.

What is ginseng?

Canadian ginseng (also referred as American Ginseng) is a hardy perennial that grows naturally across North America and is favoured by Chinese herbalists worldwide for its incontestable medicinal value in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Ontario is the largest producer of North American ginseng in the world and has proven to be the leader in the herbal industry season after season.    Through endless research and development, the root has proven to aid individuals who suffer from diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure and strongly valued for its nutrition and capability of strengthening the immune system.  

Canadian ginseng requires at least three to six years in order to mature. Ginseng is highly prized for its nutrition value. They are regularly used to balance and tone the body's chemistry, to strengthen the immune system, enhance circulation and provide energy. They are also known to improve the physical strength and stamina of the individual. 

Quality Assurance

        As a reputative brand, Royal Jubilee is recognized as a prestige brand for its high quality Ontario Ginseng. Season after season, we’ve embarked on new campaigns which permit global consumers to recognize Canadian grown ginseng roots sourced directly from Ontario, Canada for its high quality ginseng roots

OGGA Certified Seller Recognition
The 'Brand Canada'


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